5 High Earning and Low Competition Blogging Topics
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5 High Earning and Low Competition Blogging Topics

Are you having that mental block again while trying to figure out what topics to write about? What specific topics are really worth writing about so that you are able to get more article views thus earn more? Here are five blogging topics that you may want to write about and get it going. The article includes specific topics that are both high paying and with low competition.

What blogging topics can attract many readers thus are high earning? While you prefer to write on topics that you really like to write about, there are topics that can earn you more than any other topic. What are these blogging topics?

Below is a list of high earning topics that you may want to write about.

1. Health topics. Everyone can be afflicted by illness or disease.The kind of information that people need along this concern pertains to instructions or tips on how to speedily or effectively treat a condition at the least cost possible. It will take a great deal of research, however, to come up with a good article on health topics.

Specifically, below are five high paying but low competition keywords on health:

  • health
  • health protection agency
  • community health systems
  • community health center
  • health and well being

2. Gadget topics. Many people find information in gadget manuals to be either too simple or too difficult to understand. A camera manufacturer, for example, can provide information on how to use a camera at the point where the consumer may be able to use it. But to make full use of its capabilities will require not only familiarity but also creativity and experience. You may have discovered something useful in the course of your engagement in the field and it will be opportune time to share that online.

Specifically, below are five high paying but low competition keywords on gadgets:

  • upcoming gadgets
  • internet gadgets
  • school gadgets
  • business gadgets
  • security gadgets

3. Discussion or Tips on Improving One's Looks. Billions of dollars have been spent on products that enhance one's appearance. Many women look for information on beauty secrets that help prevent premature ageing or reduce wrinkles. Tips or products that will allow one to do so are popular.

Specifically, below are five high paying but low competition keywords on beauty tips, just one topic on improving one's looks:

  • free beauty tips on mobile
  • honey beauty tips
  • celebrity beauty tips
  • male beauty tips
  • beauty tips for men

4. Business Topics. Topics that help improve individual or organizational productivity in the workplace are popular. A productive workplace is equated to high income and improved economic condition for everyone. Helpful tips on time management, for example, have relevance across different levels of the organizational structure.

Specifically, below are five high paying but low competition keywords on time management as part of personal and organizational development:

  • time management
  • meaning of time management
  • time management quotes
  • time management jokes
  • time management process

5. Android Applications. With the increasing use of mobile gadgets like Android tablets that work just like the regular laptop on a lighter budget, android applications are getting popular. More and more people use android applications like android office applications, android games, android photo editing applications, among others.

Below are five high paying and low competition keywords about android applications:

  • android default applications
  • uninstall applications on android
  • closing applications in android
  • running applications android
  • android vs iphone applications

Blog about these topics and see an increase in the number of your articles's views. If these views get consistent, this means that your articles helped address the reader's needs that will cause more people to read your tips.

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