5 Ways Not to Bore Yourself in Writing Blogs
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5 Ways Not to Bore Yourself in Writing Blogs

5 Ways Not to Bore Yourself in Writing Blogs

Honing your skills as a blogger takes time and mastery. First there’s the issue of the English language that unless you could learn to walk well, then you could opt to run at a faster pace, metaphorically speaking “learning to walk” means knowing the basics of sentence construction before being able to express yourself at full, “to run” in making paragraphs of well conveyed thoughts. When you have reach a level of consistency, “running” your articles you could virtually submit to the act without tiring up just like reaching your “second wind”.

1. Choose Varied Topics – Everyone almost have a chosen field he/she had been accustomed to write. One may choose science and technology, aviation or naval history, others may find joy writing about gardening or cooking. Even how you choose your field of expertise and limit yourself to write within your range trying to convince yourself that you are very much at home with your area of interest, you can’t help about being bored and after 5 to 10 subjects (you’re beyond normal if you are not) forcing yourself to write more could be hard labor. When the mind is pressured and annoyed, creativity is gone. So why not write about computers or media and entertainment if you had been used to write about animals or why not write something about philosophy when you had been confined to fashion or social trends?

2. Start Multiple Topics and Finish Them Later – This is a proven technique to shorten boredom or monotony in dealing with expanded topics. For example you have chosen the topic “10 Ways to Write Blogs Effectively” or “12 Songs About Heartaches” in either topics you could do 2 out of 10 and 3 out of 12 instead of finishing your topic at one sitting in front of your computer. This means you could finish the first topic in 5 days and the second topic in 4 days, but if you have a maximum of 4 topics a day and without rushing, you could at least maximize your writing without boring your readers because you are merely obliged to post a blog each day to maximize your earnings.

3. Explore the Reality of Your Topic Without Attempting to Exaggerate – There’s always the issue why one could write out of the point when he could have focused on the point and satisfy the very heart of his subject matter. There’s of course the reality of the minimum words eligible for an article to be published (400 words minimum as prescribed) tempting one to loiter a bit in the article if the article itself has limited data obtainable from references. However so, if this could be avoided there should be other perspectives at treating your subject matter that will allow you to satisfy the minimum words required.

4. Simplify and Be Direct in Conveying Ideas – Anything direct to the point is a relief to your readers as everyone spending their time on the net more or less has minimal time to do so. Your blog is just a blog amidst thousands of articles published each day so don’t play with words unless you are good in making a reasonable point for it. “Too much for too little” is the basic rule applicable to blogs. In lottery, people are lured to bet because of the big jackpot out of a minimal bet. In blogging, if you could hit your point in a sentence or two, that would be enough than leaving your readers in “suspended animation” reading through the paragraphs just to get your point in the end. With the lures of the internet, you could expect your readers restless at browsing from one site to the next driven by curiosity. You could impart wisdom in a minute or share about money making techniques for hours but expecting for your thoughts to be understood would be a question if your readers couldn't keep reading your blog in the first 5 minutes.  

5. Enjoy the Act of Blogging as a Hobby, Not a Job – Depending on your  status, blogging could be definitely liberating and interesting. If you have a job, blogging after work is an effective past time other than spending money to shop outside. You could be an office clerk whose time at work had been confined at the tasks instructed by your boss. Other than that you are just an office guy to everyone but if you have expanded your horizon to learn to blog, your world doesn’t end there. You could be a sales agent confined at making persuasive talks to sell life insurance, a saleslady with everyday life spent at the store counter to answer to customers but your life doesn’t end there. Make up a life and make a boring job a driving factor to make a persuasive blog. Whatever’s written as a result of experience always have an edge to the readers. Make your job a credible source of income to keep you blogging and make your blogs an endless source of inspiration to keep you at your job. 

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Comments (8)

Thanks these are great tips for me.

Very wise tips. I discovered that I actually will not blog if I take it too seriously, but if I try to have fun with it I am much more successful

for me I never get bored.. I just keep hoping people will learn something and spay/neuter their pets!

Good and useful tips. I use #2, but there's a catch - "finish" them!

All excellent tips but i agree with Rana on #2 :-))

Good one deep blue!......the ideas buzzing around in my head are a combination of flies, bees,wasps,bumble bees and bats :-) (and NOT in my belfry......)

Excellent tips. Superb ideas.

Nice tips....