How to SEO a Blog
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How to SEO a Blog

SEO blogs are more likely to attract more viewers than other blogs that are not optimized. Backlinks and keywords are important component of Search Engine Language.

SEO is a technique that is used by bloggers for better page ranking. It helps in ranking a page higher and faster in comparison with other websites of the similar contents and increases the possibilities that, your website will appear more often on top in search engine results.

There are various techniques that are used to improve page ranking such as; use of backlinks, keyword, among others. Use of these techniques requires knowledge and understanding of what is considered search engine friendly. The following is a list of SEO friendly techniques that can help in improving the page ranking of any blog or website;

Build Natural Backlinks

These are backlinks that are acquired slowly over a period of time by either other websites linking to your blog (inbound links) or you linking to another websites of a higher page ranking (outbound links). Natural backlinks do not involve backlinks building softwares or use of any other deceitful programs in acquiring them. These backlinks are considered more significant and even though it may take sometimes time to build them, they will definitely give you a long term benefit in return. Remember to use natural backlinks together with internal links for better search engine optimization results.

Submit Your Sitemap Frequently

While search engine is able to crawl your pages once in a while, it is important to let it know of pages that you may have added into your blog recently.This can simply be done by re-submitting your sitemaps once you have made changes or listing your websites in free directories which are more likely to be crawledmore often.

Avoid Duplicate Meta Tags and Title Tags

This is one of the most common problems that most bloggers face. If you are using search engine like Google, having duplicate Meta Tags or Title Tags may eventually lead to your blog getting penalized. It is important to make sure that, you have unique post titles for each post and are related to the content found in that particular post.If you decide to use Keyword Meta Tags in the head tag, make sure that you maintain what is called “Robot friendly Keyword”. There should be only around twenty keyword in Keywords Meta Tags.

Avoid Keyword Stuffing

While Keyword is an important element of search engine language, the keywords that you use should be related to your content.Stuffing a page with too many keywords that are not related to the content may do you more harm than good and may negatively affects your page ranking. Use only appropriate keywords where necessary.

Have Unique Contents

Search engine is always look for unique information not found on the internet or other websites. Blogs with original content tends to rank higher faster than those who have content scrapped from other website.With unique contents, you are also able to attract more readers as they will always come back to look for more information in your blog. This is one way of increasing more traffic in a blog which eventually will have a positive impact on page ranking.

Lastly, having a friendly search engine blog requires having unique content and knowledge on what can have a negative and positive impact on overall page ranking and working hard towards accomplishing your goals.

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