Best Free Plagiarism Detection Softwares
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Best Free Plagiarism Detection Softwares

The threat of online plagiarism has increased sharply with the tremendous growth of internet. Acts of content theft and content spinning have proved to be detrimental to the creation and growth of original content. However, many softwares, both free and paid, have been developed to detect instances of online plagiarism. This article lists some of the leading free plagiarism detection softwares available in web.

The cases of online plagiarism are rampant and constantly growing. In addition to copyright infringement, online plagiarism also amounts to content piracy. Many computer-based techniques have been invented to detect plagiarism. All the plagiarism detection approaches compares textual similarity to detect plagiarism. Among the approaches used for computer-assisted plagiarism detection, fingerprinting method is the most widely employed. Content sourced from internet are considered as reference collection. Small strings of text from submitted document called minutiae are compared with reference collection to find out instances of duplication.

Many of the best performing anti-plagiarism softwares are not free and hence are only used by professional content writing companies and large universities. Attributor, Veriguide, PlagScan and Turnitin are all paid softwares for plagiarism detection. However, individual content writers and teachers benefit most from the free anti-plagiarism softwares available online. Almost all the softwares are easy to use and do not maintain database of submitted documents.  Most of the softwares discussed serve contents written or published in English but few also provide services for other languages.



Copyscape has been consistently voted the best plagiarism detection software by end users. Professor Debora Weber-Wulff conducted a test on the available commercial plagiarism detection softwares and determined Copyscape premium to be the best, based on performance. Apart from the powerful commercial features, Copyscape also provides free detection of duplicated content over the web. The user usually has to provide the URL of the original content. Copyscape also provides free plagiarism warning banners which can be pasted on websites to warn potential plagiarists. The paid Copysentry feature regularly patrols the web to detect appearance of duplicated content and notifies the user of all such instances.


Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism Checker is a free plagiarism detection software created by Darren Hom. The software is web-based and doesn’t require software to be installed in the computer. Also the service does not need registration so the user can go ahead and check the content right away. Unlike some other similar services, Plagiarism Checker does not need the content to be submitted through a website. It has also launched the URL checking service where the user can check online contents by simply providing the URL of the web page. The software is particularly useful for teachers who want to check the originality of the assignments submitted by students.



PaperRater is one of the few end-to-end free proof-reading software available on web. It addition to grammar and vocabulary check, PaperRater also provides plagiarism detection service. The online software requires the user to copy and paste the text into a box and analyses the content against other sources in web. PaperRater is widely used by online content writers for duplicate content.



Another free software to detect online plagiarism is CopyTracker. CopyTracker software has to be downloaded to be used. It accepts documents in MS Word 2003 and 2007, text, pdf, HTML and OpenOffice Writer format. The software is absolutely free and open source in nature. The online beta version of CopyTracker has been recently released and is still in further development stage.



Chimpsky is a very simple online plagiarism detection software. Unlike many free softwares, Chimpsky needs the user to create a user account to be able to use it. The software can find duplicate content both in a set of submitted documents and in web. It is currently maintained by Michael Palmer from the University of Waterloo.



SeeSources is another choice for someone looking for a free plagiarism detection software. This online software accepts both text files in several formats and plain text on an online window. The easy to use software provides a detailed analysis of all the web sources where plagiarism is suspected. Mainly used by students and teachers community the software is completely free and does not require the user to register. The developers of SeeSources have also developed a paid version known as PlagScan for professional use.



Duplichecker is another free plagiarism detection service offered by Content Arcade, an internet marketing company. The software was originally developed for the in-house writers to check duplicate contents. The company started offering it to others after it was proved to be popular. The online software uses search results from Google, MSN and Yahoo in order to detect duplicate content.



Viper is another leading software developed by Angel Business Ltd. to detect plagiarism over internet. The software is required to be downloaded and the current version works only on Microsoft Windows. The software provides some unique features such as side-by-side comparison, unlimited resubmission, and unlimited document length. Viper has won several awards for its plagiarism detection performance.

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Good roundup. Tweeted.

Great list of resources. 


I like this article. So many software to choose from..

great article, only paper rater and article checker is what I use they come out 100 percent original but when I publish with knoji it is not.  I may have to pay for a more sensitive plagiarism checker

I can't imagine life without Copyscape, but I will be trying some of the others you have recommended. Valuable resource for your fellow writers.