Blogging 101: How to Prepare Your Blog To Start Making Money Online
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Blogging 101: How to Prepare Your Blog To Start Making Money Online

The key to making money with your blog is a combination of attributes. There is a criterion that your blog must meet in order for it to be appealing to paid ad networks, paid review sites, and private advertisers.

Now that you have set up your blog it’s time to make some money online. The key to making money with your blog is a combination of attributes. There is a criterion that your blog must meet in order for it to be appealing to paid ad networks, paid review sites, and private advertisers. Now, I’m not going to tell you who those advertisers happen to be until your blog is ready. If you haven't read my first installment Blogging 101: How to Set Up a Successful Blog for the Beginner , I urge you to do so before reading further.

Blog Must be Three Months Old

A seasoned blog is the key to jump starting your blogging income. The majority of paid sites require that your blog be no less than three months old. The main reason for this is that the websites you’re submitting to will be able to develop a sense of your blogging style, the frequency that you post, if you are engaging your readers, and whether you have any comments on your blog. Having no comments on your blog may not mean that the readers have nothing to say, in fact, it can mean that you have no voice in the online community and people have no reason to comment or care what you have to say.

Blog Must Have At Least a Pagerank of One

Having at least a PageRank of one on your blog is simple. In fact, in most cases you only need 30 one way backlinks to achieve this. Your job is to submit your latest posts to all of the social networks you can find, no matter how much time you spend on the site. You have to remember, using the blogger platform allows your posts to automatically get indexed within a 24 hour period in Google. Most bloggers have no idea, and they spend all their time submitting to sites that they’re already indexed in.

You Should Have Developed at Least 50 Unique Articles That Are Indexed

In the beginning, make sure your posts are at least 300-500 words and contain a keyword in the first 100 words of the first paragraph. If you want to make money, don’t make all of your posts micro blogs. If you use Twitter you know exactly what I mean. A fifty word post is not going to get you anywhere if you want to make money with your site. I’m sure you’ve seen sites like this all over the net, but the truth is most advertisers require you to write at least 200 words or more. The more words you write, the more likely they will use your services in the future.

Develop Backlinks

The backlink subject goes back to Pagerank. However, having as many backlinks as you can will increase your odds of getting higher paid posts, along with increasing your Pagerank in the meantime. Again, this can be done by submitting your articles to search engines, link dumping sites, and asking other websites to trade links with you.

Increase Your Alexa Ranking

This is highly important for a paid blogger. Much more than you know. First of all, you need to visit Alexa and place a widget on your blog somewhere on the sidebar. Secondly, install the Alexa toolbar which tracks traffic to your site. Every time you load your site or someone else loads your site that has the Alexa toolbar, it increases your ranking. You may not see it instantly, but in the long run it does gradually affect your rank. Your Alexa rank is just one of the stats used in a conversion that determines how popular and how much value your site has.

Blog Should Not Contain too many Competing Widgets or Ads

Paid sites are a bit strange when it comes to competition. You should really try to limit the amount of affiliate widgets that are featured on your blog, especially when they’re placed right next to one another.

Blog Must Contain a Disclosure Policy

Developing a disclosure policy is actually pretty simple. You can write it yourself or you visit DisclosurePolicy.Org . This lets the readers know that you accept forms of payment for your opinions; however those opinions will never influence the content, topics or posts made in the blog. Furthermore, this policy is required by many paid review sites, so make sure the advertiser knows where to find it. In most cases, you need to have a seperate page on your blog for the policy itself and a link to the policy.

If you're just starting out, check out Blogging 101: How to Set Up a Successful Blog for the Beginner

Here's the latest installment: Blogging 101: How To Make Money Online Blogging

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Comments (37)

this is excellent thank you for the info

Justin Germino

I agree with most of the bullets, have actually written almost the same type of article myself. I will point out that you can make some decent earnings with a PR0 blog, I was making over $50 per month in my 3rd month blogging it just depends on what online programs you use. Focus on the articles first, I would say have at least 30 articles, not necessarily 50, get your readers used to having one interjected sponsored post in between every 5 or 6 articles if you get them used to no sponsored posts, you may turn some people off by introducing sponsored posts so late in the game.

Always declare and disclose, that is key.

Ranked #2 in Blogging

@Justin Seems like you started off strong. You're right about turning people off, which is why I have three different blogs(one for archaeology, one for travel, and one non niche). My biggest money maker is a non niche site with a pagerank of 4. It's over two years old, however when I do slip in a paid post I post a normal 500 word post at the same time. That way it slowly moves down the page and the advertiser still gets what they want. As for the 3 month mark, I was ranked a pagerank of 3(I know a bit of bragging, I was so proud at that point) by that time and getting paid $20.00 for 200 words. It depends on the site and your ability to sell something you wouldn't normally approve of I guess. I now make $1100.00 a month from blogging. It started as a hobby and now it's a full time job. I'll let everyone know about the sites I use in the next installment. I now average $65.00 for 150 words. So I think my approach definitely worked for me. Long winded, sorry. Thanks for your opinion.

very inspiring, $1,100/mo,!!!! wow!!!i think i should start blogging now,,,

Ranked #53 in Blogging

Thank you, Lauren. Your willingness to share exact steps to excel in this medium is a tribute to your character. A true mentor, confident in your abilities and not afraid to produce competitors.

Excellent advice Lauren! Would love to make $1,100 per month from blogging.

Justin Germino

@lauren, my goal is to reach your earnings from blogging, I average between $250 and $300 per month right now with my highest month being in January. I have three blogs as well, but my PR3 blog is a poetry blog and those don't really get much interest from advertisers.

Do you find most of your earnings from direct advertisers or for using services like ReviewMe, SocialSpark, PayPerPost...etc? Which programs do you like?

Ranked #2 in Blogging

@Justin In the beginning it was paid posts that made me the most revenue, now I have a steady stream of advertisers that I work with. I sell text links ads and advertising spots that give me close to 500+ a month. As for paid reviews, I started out with social spark , payperpost, and reviewme. I'm not to big on social spark that much anymore. I really don't like the fact that you have to plaster all of the links and sponsored icons. I use blogsvertise, however I have gotten very strict with my requirements. I made them manually go in and put a minimum of $65.00 a post on Ancient Digger. Honestly, that's way to cheap. AD is now ranked a pagerank of 6 and should be valued at no less than $180.00 a post. I also use linkworth and loudlaunch. It took me 8 months to be approved by loudlaunch, however I am also getting no less than $65.00 a post there as well. Another good source is inpostlinks when you want a bit of pocket change.

Justin Germino

@Lauren, fantastic. PR6 is quite impressive did you have to do any paid advertising or purchasing of backlinks/ads to achieve that rank or is it all natural from doing linkbacks and guest posts? Do you spend any money in advertising your own blogs?

So all of your income comes without selling an eBook or other product, it is all advertiser income? This is ideal on how I would like to earn, most people say the only true way to earn is with selling an affiliate product, but you seem to be doing exceptional with advertising alone which is what I would prefer.

Do you still use PayPerPost (the new one at all?)

I used SocialSpark still because I can still get the occasional $100 - $250 per post from them when I get directly hired. If you don't mind me asking, how much unique traffic per month does your PR6 blog get?

Ranked #2 in Blogging

@Justin Honestly, I started AD as a hobby. I just started writing what I loved and for some reason people started to listen. I didn't do any guest posts and I didn't purchase one backlink. This is all networking.

I actually just started doing some paid advertising with CMF and Adgitize. However my blog has been ranked that high for a while with no advertising whatsoever. I had a few sites write about me, however I always take a different approach. I usually write about them first. Then I contact them and say they are featured on my blog. They usually, without me asking, link to my blog. It's a system that works great for me. I give first and then I receive in big amounts. I used this approach with Discovery and they put me on their blogroll, just because I feature some of their latest news.

I don't believe in all of that affiliate marketing jargon. I don't have the patience and there's way too many marketers out there trying to sell something they know doesn't work.

I just had a gentleman on twitter ask me for help and he's been in the marketing business for 30 plus years. He has no idea how to market himself.

I do use Payperpost time to time, but I fear I have my price a bit to high. It's just I have to be picky now, otherwise it destroys your pagerank. That's why FR is only a pagerank 4. Too many paid posts. AD is highly selective and the links are from super high profile advertisers.

As for traffic on AD, it depends really. I notice you don't use 2leep for traffic. Visit this link . I get more than 1100 unique hits from them a day sometimes. It's not an exchange really, it's more of a way for your articles to be featured on thousands of websites with a little image attached. (This is for blogs and websites only, not Factoidz articles) So traffic, let me see, according to analytics, I've only had 14,351 uniques in the last 30 days. Not great. You have to remember though, my ranking comes from high powered backlinks mostly. I have over 22,000+ backlinks.

This is usually the case for ranking 30 links Pagerank 1 ----100-550 Pagerank 2 ----550-3100 Pagerank 3 ----3100-17000 Pagerank 4 ----17000-92000 Pagerank 5 and 6

Depends on the power of links.

Justin Germino

That is tremendous, thanks for 2Leeps I have never heard of it. My Technology blog received 19670 Unique Visits in the last thirty days band has had over 15k per month for about 6 months but only a PageRank of 2. So clearly I need to be building more backlinks, my blog should have a higher pagerank based on the traffic I get.

Ranked #2 in Blogging

@Justin Now I'm impressed with those numbers. I've seen your blog and you have loads of rich content. I would suggest making sure you add all of your latest posts to sites like blog engage, dump trumpet, digg, propeller, and here's a newer one, solinkable.

Justin Germino

In just 2 comments you left me 3 sites I have never heard of (Dump Trumpet, Solinkable and 2leep. Thanks I will check these out, note that most of my traffic 76% comes from Search Engines, my referral traffic is less than 12% of my traffic with all referral sites combined.

Ranked #2 in Blogging

@Justin You would think all of that organic traffic would give you a higher rank. That's so odd. I have more referral traffic, however sometimes Google considers clicking on one of my blogs to get to another one of my blogs a referral. Not sure why. They may have seen a widget on one of my sites for another one of my sites. Who knows. lol

Justin Germino

That is a referral isn't it? One site referred the link to another. Direct is when somebody hits your site via bookmark or email link for example.

Just so you know I wrote a post about this article and specifically your awesome comments, it will publish on on June 5th, so keep an eye out for it. I give a backlink to this post and your AD website in my article. I appreciate your honestly and willingness to share information.

Robyn from Sam's Web Guide

Very concise tips.

In regards to the alexa ranking; what is the minimum ranking that advertisers look for? Do they take into account the bloggers' niche with ranking? A site may rank 200K and still be on top in their niche.

Ranked #2 in Blogging

@Robyn For the longest time, I had an Alexa ranking on some sites over 200,000. Yet, I was still getting very high priced paid reviews. I think it depends on the site. Sometimes the higher profile sites don't even use Alexa.

Ranked #2 in Blogging

@Justin You're right, those would be referrals. Thanks so much for your input. I can learn just as much from others. The 2leep source was given to me by a friend that gets close to 100,000 unique hits a month. I wish~! I'll look out for the post, and thanks again.

Justin Germino

@Robyn, Alexa doesn't really matter much from what I have seen. I have a 35K rank Alexa blog and 16K US ranked, and I had just as much money coming in when I was ranked over 100K. PageRank matters more to advertisers hands down over visits and traffic I have found from my own personal experience over the past two years. Look at for your site rankings, this is what an advertiser sees (since they don't have access to your GA stats) so this is a good metric on how your site compares.

Ranked #27 in Blogging

Nice points you have here. Most advertisers in my blog ask for detailed traffic from Google Analytics and Alexa ranking, before deciding if they want to advertise in my blog. Nice earnings too :) . I earn far less than you hehe!

Ranked #2 in Blogging

@Sotiris See, now that proves that every site and advertiser is different. Everyone has their own criterion. Trust me, the longer you blog, the more money you will eventually make. Keep plugging away.

Ranked #27 in Blogging

You are totally right about the longer you blog the more money you will make. I have seen that to my own blog! The bad thing is that most of people are discouraged because their earnings are low in the beginning!

Ranked #2 in Blogging

@Sotiris I can totally understand that. You have to believe that things will get better. I had so much love and support in the beginning from professional bloggers.That's why I think it's important for me to pay it forward so to speak.

I was making $25.00 a month in the beginning and I figured I'd better get a job besides going to school. It took me two years, lots of coffee, and hours of work, but I now use blogging as my main income besides grants from schooling.


Nice article!This article has good advices for new bloggers as me. I have done 2 blogs 20 days ago and all these information are too useful for me..My earnings are too low and I hope one day to get as you, but it needs a lot of work.

Ranked #27 in Blogging

Can you tell me the link from your blog to get ideas? Mine is It's in greek but you can translate it in English!

Ranked #2 in Blogging

@ Sofia I'm so glad you found it useful. @Sotiris I have three actually (the latest post on that blog is a paid review)


Nice article!This article has good advices for new bloggers as me. I have done 2 blogs 20 days ago and all these information are too useful for me..My earnings are too low and I hope one day to get as you, but it needs a lot of work.

Ranked #27 in Blogging

I visited all your blogs. Very interesting blogs! :)

Ranked #27 in Blogging

Edit for the previous comment. Do you have any suggestions for my blog? (ads placement, colours, topics, etc)

Ranked #2 in Blogging

@Sotiris I don't like that image ad at eye level. You need some sort of banner image or work on the title text itself. Don't change the title of your blog obviously, just give that top portion a facelift with some color for a bit of pop.

When you have less than 50 subscribers on your RSS, don't worry about displaying a widget from Feedburner. You just need a subscribe button. Until you reach the point that you have around maybe 75 readers, then think about putting it back on.

Do you need that stats box from Histats? You can get the same results by placing a code from Google Analytics in the html. No more extra widgets.

As for content, what niche are you trying to fill? You have somewhat of a mix bag kind of site. I have one of those and it actually makes me the most money. You have some pretty explicit photos and some of food. Hmmm, lol.

If it's working, good for you. I noticed there's 15 people online at the site right now. However, you have a very small repeat reader base. Something is stopping your visitors from subscribing.

Ranked #27 in Blogging

Thanks for taking a look. I know I have to make a banner for the blog, but I was to busy making one :D The banner in the eye level is a good source of income, that's why it's there heh. The bad thing about subscription is that in Greece it's not well known. Few people use it. I placed an email subscription 2 days ago. Hope it works :) The box from Histats is mainly for the advertisers to check the analytics by themselves. There is no specific niche. Endiaferonta means interesting. That means interesting stuff from all around the internet! Funny photos and videos, weird news, interesting news, how to, sexy and other stuff. It's 2:49am here in Greece that's why there are 15 people online . Maybe they are vampires :P . Usually I have 2000 unique visitors everyday :D

Ranked #2 in Blogging


If it's working for you, than I would stick to it. I would hate to influence a blog that's already doing well.

As for visitors, I guess the night owls really like the site. I'm usually up that late also, I get so much more work done in the middle of the night.

2000 unique visitors is awesome. As for the banner, if it's a big money maker and no one has complained about it, by all means don't move it. I would keep doing what you're doing. Well done.

When I decided to earn from my blog, I haven't a clue how to go about it so I just went on posting on anything I can think of. After reading some of your articles, I was wondering if there's any benefit in going back and fixing some of my posts to include a niche keyword.

Ranked #2 in Blogging

One of the blogs I write on is a non niche blog, however every post I try to write has a very powerful keyword in it. There's nothing wrong with writing about everything, but going back and cleaning up the posts is a great idea. Include a keyword and add a bit more text to it. Google will come back by and crawl the page, thinking it's new.

Thanks Lauren! Your articles on blogging are very helpful for someone like me who doesn't have time to research and have just started out trying to earn from blogging.


Earning money has online never been this easy and transparent. You would find great tips on how to make that dream amount every month. So go ahead and click here for more details and open floodgates to your online income. All the best.

Revisiting Lauren and Dugg it.