Free Blog Promotion Ideas
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Free Blog Promotion Ideas

Advertising your blog is essential, but you don't have to spend a dime on the effort. Here are seven free methods of blog promotion.

Some people start their blogs with the sole intention of keeping up with their family, venting about the news of the day, and posting a recipe or three to remember for later. These types of bloggers are called hobby bloggers, where the blogger doesn't care about promotion or marketing. You might lean toward being a professional blogger. They are bloggers who need to keep a serious eye on marketing venues, ones who need to be in a constant promotional mode to bring in more readers. Here are some free ways to promote your blog.

1. Talk to your friends and family

You might know that your friends and family have no interest in your favorite subject, but you also know that they will keep an eye out for those who are interested. Honestly, there is no telling which connections are important, and the notion of not telling because there might be no interest is absurd. Talk about your passions and your blog with your friends, if only to find out their opinions about the migration patterns of your favorite birds.

2. Subscribe to blog directories

Add your name to blog directories. This will raise your search engine ranking as well as introduce you to a wider variety of individuals. the people who are searching through blog directories are a captive audience. They want to find blogs in certain niches. Yours may just fit the bill. Be warned, though. Some blog directories require that you have several relevant entries before you advertise with them.

3. Swap spots in the blogroll

This part is fun. Find other bloggers within your niche and reach out to them by placing their blog into your blogroll. Remember that social marketing is about communities, rather than individuals. Talk about the posts that others within the community have made, and make yourself feel at home. Honestly, the best way to become part of a community is to dive right in.

4. Use Twitter and Facebook

Go to Twitter and find relevant interests within your area. If you have a blues music blog, search for blues. You will find three types of Twitter accounts. There are celebrity blogs, business blogs, and personal blogs. Make some friends in each of the categories to see what others are saying about your particular subject. If your favorite blues person said something exciting, retweet that and spread it around.

5. Put your blog address in your email signature

If you are constantly sending out emails, a short, sweet signature may do the trick in providing a little bit of advertisement. Do not make your email signature terribly long, just long enough to get people potentially interested in your blog. If you are really interested in marketing this way, find others around the world with which to talk.

6. Look for online magazines

While you are searching through Facebook and Twitter, you might find a number of online magazines which relate to your favorite subject. Ask the people at the magazines if they will allow you to put some of your great blog postings on their site. You might even get a little money for it. See whether they offer free advertising and link exchanges with great blogs.

7. Comment and use forums

Let's say that you know a lot about printing equipment because you work for a printer. Look for forums that ask questions about printing equipment, that tell stories about the worst or funniest questions having to do with printing, which glorify printing. Focus your marketing efforts on your target audience. A general audience will look at your product and move on. A targeted audience has a higher likelihood of purchasing.

There are several ways to get the attention of potential readers to your blog. If they enjoy the content that you provide, they will subscribe to your blog and return for the great content that you offer. Before spending a lot on advertising, see how much sweat equity that you can place into the effort.

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