Getting out of the Blog Post Writing Slump
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Getting out of the Blog Post Writing Slump

If your well is running dry, here are some ideas for generating new blog posts.

The brain will sometimes shut down the writing and blogging show without warning. It like a gambling streak: you are doing really well, go to the bathroom, and then the magic is gone. If you take your blogging seriously, you are faced with constant commitments to your blog and you cannot let writer's block hold you back.  Here are some ideas for generating new posts. 

Look, but don't look

Everything around you is blog fodder. Every pen that you place in your hand, every shake of salt over your food, every moment that you spend reading, and every step that you take can be a blog post. Your brain might have shut down, but it is receptive to ideas if you do not present them as such. When you are directly looking for a mate or for a specific car, you might have difficulty finding them. When you are not looking for these things, they are everywhere. Look for blog posts, but don't actively look for them.

Immerse yourself in a friend's passion

If you have been friends with someone for any length of time, you are probably aware of their hot topic buttons. For some, it's politics. They are not able to shut up once you mention their local congressman. Others are passionate about writing utensils. They can ramble on all day about the newest Sharpie Ultra Fine that they have. Listen to the passion within your friend's voice, and try to understand why that passion is there. This can be the source of many blog posts.

Learn a new skill

What have you wanted to learn? Are you wanting to build a robot that will play pinball? Are you interested in carving jewelry? You may not have a topic of do it yourself products, but there is always something to learn within your favorite field. Do you want to learn a new program? Learn it and write about it. Blog about your journey.

Tell stories

Everyone has a story to tell. A great way to generate stories is to start talking about the mundane events in your life, then adding 'and then?' to the end of the sentence. Answer that in your blog post, then move on to the next 'and then?' This form of storytelling can be quite useful, as it entertains your blog's readers, and gives them something different to read than a straight list post about how to evaluate cacti.

Drink in the web

People are talking about everything, you just have to find it. Write blog posts about the latest reviews in your field. Make something that was previously unrelated relevant. Look at the review sites and sites like Amazon. Explain your surprise and amazement at a certain book reaching the top 100 list. Talk about how the classics list within your favorite magazine was wrong. Look around the web, and write a blog post that disagrees with the common thinking.

Go somewhere else

Walk around and take a tour of the neighborhood. Is there a wi-fi enabled coffee shop which is close to your house? Make the effort to go to a different venue for your blogging. If that is out of the question, light a candle or a stick of incense and change the scent within your area. Our brains are just as keyed to scents as they are to visuals.

Write about something else

There are plenty of bloggers who have an outlet for the one-off articles that they write. Let's say that you are interested in cheeses of the world and you really want to write about Victorian furniture. There are article sites that will allow you to write about both the cheese and the chairs. More importantly, you can place the links to your site in the blog post about the chairs. By allowing the blog post that wants to be written to be written, you are getting back on track for your own blog.

There are potential blog posts everywhere you turn. You might want to write about why you do something. You might want to write about repurposing the hundreds of cups within your home. Make sure that you keep a small notebook with you so that you can keep all of your ideas in one place. Your inspiration will soon return.

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