How Online Writing Could Be Addictive and Ways to Get Away with It
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How Online Writing Could Be Addictive and Ways to Get Away with It

How Online Writing Could be Addictive and Ways to Get Away with It

Online writing, blogging, or writing factoidz to be specific is both difficult and easy. For starters, making the first published article is hard and the succeeding ones nothing less harder. This is a vocation that gets harder the longer that you are caught up into it. Like a drug addict that craves the substance from which he draws his drive and inspiration, the more you take, the more you get the passion to get doing it all over again and God knows until when. Where to get your support when you ran out of resources is a common problem most drug addicts do. When they have to steal just to get the amount needed to get the necessary “boost” required they will have to do it. So be aware when you are well committed into online writing that you ran out of words and never knowing where to source it out that you “unconsciously” steal the words contained in an entire paragraph just to make ends meet (if plagiarizing is what you call it). Now that you knew the difficult aspect, here is the easy part. Writing from experience and doing product reviews could flex your mind a bit allowing you to be creative which in turn has a bit of a therapeutic effect. This means you get a bit of a light, easy feeling afterwards and you don't end up hallucinating. Consider the ideas below for example.

Be Aware of Anything that Gets into Your Mouth – Whether we are merely eating to live or living to eat isn't the real essence of our very existence. Making the most of our lives than just doing both is what makes the difference. Not simply for health reasons that we have to do it as what usually catch our attention in the past but for now it would be worth considering that we take notice about the things that we put into our mouths from drinks, food, and anything that we digest. If you gain or lose weight, you have a valuable topic about health and weight loss, if you get a stomach ache you have something to write about indigestion until you picked the right medication and if you enjoyed what you have drank or eaten you have an excellent topic for

food and beverage review.

Consider Things You See and Hear – As you sit on your sofa and relax on your free time away from work you will surely

listen to music or watch TV. A TV show or commercial will usually merit some good article with catching titles like "5 best commercials" or "10 best TV shows", etc. A TV review about a show you have watched on TV or a not so old film being played all over again will not bore you now since you could watch it back to take note of the details for a compelling film review. Music could give you about the same opportunity for a music review or to write about a singer or band and their best-selling records. Then not to forget of course if you have bought a new TV or music player which deserve the same chance for your valued critic as an online writer. Even an old appliance sitting on your living room unused could still be recalled in history via Google and you could still write about it.

Beware of Whatever Moves You – Product reviews from sandals, shoes, trousers and shirts are a bit too much to keep you busy. In here you will leave no loose ends untended since if you enjoyed your purchase you could write your reviews right away and if you are dissatisfied you could retaliate back by noting your dissatisfaction of the product to make other customers aware if they have to buy the same item. Price comparison on purchases will also be a worthwhile topic so you will not be caught empty minded to have something to write. Going on holidays by car, bus, train and airplane would also be an excellent area to write on travel tips or tourist destinations. You simply need to let the idea flow with a pen or with a tablet computer (if you could afford one) at your reach.

Lastly, don't be discouraged by the thinking that somebody must have done these before since by virtue of perspective, if you follow your version it will still end up different. So by these guidelines you will allow the article to write itself as you tackle your everyday issues and end up easy on your life with a purpose. Don't let the temptation of "robbing a bank" ruin your life. It may appear that the worldwide web is a "word bank" without an impregnable barrier for security so you could just pick up the lines and make it your own any way you want it, any time but it only makes your brain shrink and you may not have the luxury to think about it when you're addicted.

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Excellent article. +1ed

Anything you know or do can be an article. Good points.

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Thanks for the inputs, Virginia, Bethany, Brenda.

Exception I must say before I vote this great article up.

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A very nice learning experience.Thanks

Finding ideas for articles has been easy. Turning those ideas into completed articles has been the hard part for me.

some interesting points I ran out of votes so I +1 it

Great discussion and excellent insightful read

Great discussion Will, to tell you the truth I get my articles from advertisements (when they tell people wrong ideas). Now, that's robbery, recommended.

I do agree with all your points. It's fun but addictive.

great review

I agree with everything, I tend to write on my mind while working.

Ranked #1 in Blogging

Thanks for your valuable inputs, everyone.

Super article! Writing is definitely addictive, and fortunately there's no end of ideas!

Ranked #17 in Blogging

Interested take on our experience as writers. vt'd and promoted

Yes it is addictive Will and satisfied with the great points you shared.

Your valuable contents is much appreciated. The day I have to steal something is the day I know I will quit. I don't ever suffer from writer's block and seem to always have something going on in my life. I have to add here, I am old, so have had lots happen to me or things that have gone through me to write about. For some of that I find it almost impossible to state resources because I don't know how I acquired such knowledge other than living with that material for many years. I find writing and reading thrilling and without restraint it can be addictive. We do have to eat, clean our bodies, sleep and other necessary ADL's, so we can't be addicted, or can we? I like reading your articles so will admire all your information as I continue to see it published.

trying to force the writing business down my throat, so the drug addict analogy doesn't entirely apply to me. Still, excellent points given on the fact that inspiration can be drawn from every corner of our lives.

I agree with Brenda Nelson, Deep Blue. Article ideas are all around us, we are adrift in them, all we have to do is be open and receptive to them

Very inspirational. I need to take more notice of things around me.

Ranked #1 in Blogging

I am caught off guarded by your reactions everyone. There's always a positive way to harness our drive to write and I'm glad most of us are on the same side.

Live and learn, write and share! A great post my friend. Thank you for sharing your experience. And a Happy New year to you!

Re-visiting for a well deserved vote up. : )

Thank you dear Deep Blue. Nice article. Voted. Thanks for friendship and support.

very encouraging, I'm inspired to write more!

I overflow with ideas. It is time constraints that make it difficult. You have written a fine article, as usual. They are always well thought out.