How To Create and Add a Photobucket Slideshow to Your Blogger Blog
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How To Create and Add a Photobucket Slideshow to Your Blogger Blog

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Adding a slideshow to your Blogger Blog can refresh your Blog and give it a new lease on life. Even if you change the Blog slideshow every once in a while it is worth the effort.

In a previous article I explained how to add a slideshow to your Blog using Flickr or Picasa, and with Photobucket the process is the same if you want to add a slideshow to your Blog from using shared photos on the Photobucket site, and not specifically photos from your own Photobucket albums. If you want to make your Blog slideshow from your own Photobucket albums then the process is different.

To add a slideshow to your Blogger Blog using photos that you have stored on Photobucket you need to start by creating the slideshow on the Photobucket website.

Create a Photobucket Slideshow

My Home

 Go to your Photobucket My Home page, click on "All Albums".

All Albums

When you see a list of all your photo albums, click on the album you want to use for the Blog slideshow.


At the top of the page that opens click on "slideshows", this is towards the left of your page together with albums & media, themes, organize, edit images, scrapbooks and photo products.

Make your Photobucket slideshow

A page will open up which consists of three sections: on the left (labeled conveniently 1.) are all of your pictures from the Photobucket album you selected, each with a little plus sign. You click on the plus sign of each image you want to add to your Blog slideshow.

There is also an option to add from other albums which you can choose from the drop down menu of albums. Click on all the images that you want to add to your Blog slideshow and they will appear in the middle of the page one after the other as a slide show.

Then its time for the fun part! On the right hand side of the page (labeled 2.) you choose the style of your Blog slideshow presentation. There is an amazing variety of styles for your Blog slideshow, and as you click on each you can see a preview version in the center of the page.

Blog Slideshow Picture Size

It is very important to alter the "size" at the bottom of this "Style" section to be "small" otherwise the slideshow will not fit into your Blog sidebar. Some slideshow styles work better for Blogs than others depending on your Blog template.

If your Blog sidebar is too narrow for your slideshow you can a) alter the width of the sidebar using the design feature on Blogger, or, b) use a Blog template with a wider sidebar, or, c) place the slideshow at the top of your Blog page below the Blog title, or d) try using the Photobucket styles "strip, collage or party style" as these are the smallest of the Photobucket slideshow styles.

Save Slideshow

Once you have chosen your Blog slideshow style click on the number 3 below the central section of the page.

The Photobucket slideshow is saved and you are asked to give it a name. Make the slideshow title short and to the point. Then click "save".

The slideshow will be shown to you in it's final form. If you are satisfied, great, if not click on "edit original slideshow" at the top of the slideshow and make changes otherwise move on to the left hand side of the page where there are sharing options and copy the HTML code.

Back to Blogger to add your Slideshow

From your Blogger dashboard press "design".

You will arrive on "Page elements", and "Add and arrange page elements".

This shows your Blog layout. Choose where on your Blog you would like to put your Photobucket slideshow, and click on any of the boxes that say "Add a Gadget". This will be either in your Blog sidebar or under your Blog title.

A window opens with the option of adding a number of gadgets to your Blog.

The Difference Between Adding a Slideshow to your Blog from Flickr/Picasa or Photobucket

There is an option of "Slideshow" among the list of gadgets you can add to your Blog but unlike making a slideshow for your Blog using Flickr or Picasa when you use the photo sharing site Photobucket , "Slideshow" only offers the"keywords" option and not the use of photos from your own albums. So if you want to use your own photo albums from Photobucket you need to use the "add HTML/java script" option instead.

Add Photobucket Slideshow to Your Blog Using HTML Script

Click on the plus sign next to "add HTML/java script ".

Then add the slideshow HTML script which you copied on Photobucket.

Next you are required to give your slideshow a title. Make your Blog slideshow title short.

Press "save" and the window will close returning you to the "Page elements" page.

Here you can preview your Blog slideshow, before finally pressing "save" in the top right hand corner, and saving your Blog slideshow.

Blog slideshows are fun to make and you can also post them on Facebook. I used a collection of the photos from throughout my Blog to create a slideshow for my Blog Articles I write. To see a Flickr slideshow created using the "slideshow" gadget and not the HTML gadget you can look at my Blog Unique travel In Israel. I am now exploring the option of adding slideshows to individual posts on my Blogs.

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Comments (12)

Really good write with great explanation!

Ranked #3 in Blogging

Dugg, stumbled and liked it:) Great explanation. I am bookmarking it for future reference. I am yet to incl?de a slideshow to my blog and I am not an expert photobucket user. Cheers.:)

Thanks for the Tips Petal

Ranked #17 in Blogging

voted and tweeted. Great article!

Ranked #18 in Blogging

Thanks. I'll try your advice on my blog.


This is infuriating why can't I comment on posts?


Great article! I was just wondering if there is any way of getting rid of all the junk below the slide show from photobucket? When I place my slideshow as new HTML/Java Script it shows up cleary on my blog, but, has "Photobucket" and "Get Your Own" and "View Show" under it...

I'm soooo confused. I just sat here and did this whole thing for like 2 hours and I got to the end and don't know how to get it on my blog. I read it over and over. Can you please help me, nothing is coming up on my blog? Thank you

Thank you for this article. But I am soooo confused. I did everything step by step, I have the newer layout so it was a little harder to undersatnd but I got it, until I got to the very end where you add it to the blog. I went in and put in my info, but nothing comes up on the blog. I don't know how to even really know if I have it coming form photobucket or not. I am a little frustrated now, that I've sat here and done this and nothing is there. Any suggestions or can you maybe walk me through it, with the new layout? Thank you again, it was helpful.

Ranked #5 in Blogging

Kyndel I haven't tried the new layout yet, I'll take a look and see if it is any different to this.

Very nice post. I have also shared how to add post slideshow over blog post in blogger

Very nice post. I have also shared how to add post slideshow over blog post in blogger