How to Delete an Image from a Blogger Blog
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How to Delete an Image from a Blogger Blog

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The Internet Blogger forums are full of queries by bloggers about how to delete images from their Blogger blogs, and it seems to have been a problem for many. Deleting a Blogger image is especially problematic when the blog image link is broken and you need to delete or correct the broken link in order to improve your blog PR ranking.


Using Picasa Web Albums to Delete Blogger Images

When you place an image on your Blogger blog automatically an account is created for you on Picasa. As the site states "Each blog that includes photos will have a corresponding Picasa Web album". The Picasa blogger web album is kept under the same user name you have on Blogger and if you don't make any setting changes visibility is automatically set to "anyone with a link".

If you delete an image on the Blogger Picasa Web album it will automatically be deleted from your Blogger blog. Expect this to take at least 24 hours, at first the image on your blog is replaced by a black square with an exclamation mark, until a day or two later it disappears all together. Similarly if you delete an image from Blogger it will disappear from Picasa but as you might have already discovered it is near to impossible to simply press delete and remove an image from a Blogger blog. There are a few nifty tricks to learn about using Picasa and Blogger in conjunction but for this article I want to concentrate on the deleting of Blogger images.

So to use the Picasa Web Album to delete an image from Blogger go to Picasa Web Albums and so long as you are logged in under your Blogger username it will take you straight to your Picasa Web Album where you can select the image, select "action" and select "delete".

Deleting Blogger Images Using the Blogger HTML code

If you would rather delete an image on the Blogger site itself go to "Edit Posts" then click on "Edit" next to the post with the image you want to remove. Once you are in the post in edit mode, go into the HTML of the post (right hand corner of the post). Look for the image code which should be at the top of the page. You can recognize it by >img src="photo.jpg">. Another way of making a Blogger image recognizable in HTLM code is to go to the "Compose" mode and increase the space between the image at the top of the page and the text by pressing "Enter" several times. Then when you go into the"Edit HTML" mode the image code is at the top of the page and separated by a gap from the text code. Once you have identified the image code mark it and delete it.

I personally delete Blogger images using the HTML method, bear in mind that your images have not disappeared all together from the Internet, they are simply no longer visible on your blog. There are other factors which determine whether an image can be seen or not but this article gives you the basic information you need to remove an unwanted image from Blogger. If you are having a hard time correcting a broken image link in Blogger then you can delete the entire image and then repost the image, this time with a new link.

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Very informative article Petal. I have tried to remove my image but couldn't do it earlier. I will surely benefit from this article. Voted you up.

Valuable information here.

Ranked #11 in Blogging

Very good information. I never knew my blogger pictures were on Picasa also or that I even had an account there.

Excellent information. I have always disliked the fact that images when to Picasa this just did not seem right.

This is amazing post I'm using it in my blog Habesha Entertainment and I removed some images from my post using your methods!!! Thanks again