How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog and Make Money
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How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog and Make Money

Driving traffic to your blog is not that easy. it needs much work before you could really build a good traffic that will help you earn money.

Having a blog is not fun if you want to earn real money from your blog. With the number of blogs already overcrowding the blogging world, your blog could either make it or it could get lost in the massive blogs online. Blogging is one of the more lucrative money making schemes online yet so many bloggers are complaining of not being able to earn even a dollar for a month from their blogs. The reason is, their blogs have no viewers and their blogs have no ranks.

So, how can you drive traffic to your site? There are a few tips on how to drive traffic to your site in order for you to earn money. Read on to know how.

Plan your blog

Planning includes what type of blog you are going to create. Make sure you have something feasible that you can present to the internet viewers. Do not join the already crowded niches because whether you like it or not, you will end up gaining no viewers. Of course those who have already started earlier and are already expert in driving traffic to their site are already manning the categories that are very popular. Find something that isn’t that popular to bloggers. If you have a skill that is not so famous to the crowd of bloggers then that is what you should blog about.

Update Regularly

Updating your blog regularly will help drive traffic to your blog. Remember that your viewers will always expect to find a new post in your site. If they visit your blog twice without something new, they will find another blog to visit. Have a hold on your viewers and give them the trust that they will learn to respect in you.

Apply for free banners and products

You don’t need to spend anything for your blog to have traffic. With adsense you can drive traffic and earn money without shedding out cash. If you don’t have an account with adsense, it is very easy to apply for one. After your blog has been approved, you can put ads from google adsense and earn money. There are several sites that offer bloggers to post banners and ads in their blogs free. These banners and ads will help drive traffic to your site. You can also apply for an account with exchange traffic sites. If you want to sell products you can apply for an Amazon or ebay account. Both of these sites allow you to post ads of their products and if someone buys a product from your site, you will receive a percentage of the paid amount.

Use feeds and social networking sites

You can use feeds to increase traffic to your site. Feeds make sharing easier and allow visitors to follow your posts. Using social networking site is also good for driving traffic to your site. Facebook and twitter are the best tools to use in order to increase traffic to your blog.

Good content

Always remember that content is very important. No matter how you promote your site if the content of your blog does not interest most people, it would be useless. Your visitor will only be those who are browsing and not those who become you regular visitors.

Comment on other blogs and post links in forums

Commenting on other blogs will drive more traffic to your site. Remember that bloggers are all looking for visitors and followers. You can also post links to forums so that those who reply to your post will see the link.

Use popular keywords in your post but do not spam

Using the right keywords in your post is good but avoid spamming because it will affect the validity of your post. Do not use the most popular keyword because chances are that the word is used by millions of bloggers and the chance of your post being crawled by the spider would be very small, so choose a word that is almost the same with the most popular keyword.

Driving traffic to your blog takes time to develop. It does not come in a month but months. Patience and hard work is what are needed in blogging and those who persevere will earn good money from their blog.

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Good advice

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A blog site can only be profitable if it has enough traffic or visitors reading articles. Driving traffic is the most important aspect that bloggers should consider. Merely writing articles and contents can never make you money in your blog. Thank you for sharing this excellently written article, keep it up! Voted and shared.