How to Get More Reads Of Your Blog Posts
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How to Get More Reads Of Your Blog Posts

As a blogger, you likely want to get more reads of your blog posts. Reach a wider audience by sharing your posts on a variety of social media networks and then determining which network best meets the needs of you and your blog. Post comments on other blogs and join online forums as well to spread your blog presence and help generate reads. Your online presence on a variety of platforms will help you get more reads of your posts. The three methods are outlined in detail.

Whether you blog for financial reasons, for personal satisfaction, or for a combination of the two reasons, you likely want to get more reads of your blog posts to be successful in your venture. Increase the number of daily reads by adapting an online strategy using social media networks to promote your work after you publish each post.

Share Posts on Social Media Networks

A great way to get more reads of your blog posts is to share your site outside of WordPress or other blogging platform that you use. Your posts will get more reads if you share them in multiple websites online. Twitter, Facebook and Google+ are social media networks that get a large number of users each day, making them great websites to show off your work. Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit and Pinterest also have a growing number of readers each day.

After you hit the publish button on a blog post, share your work online to a variety of these social media networks. You will need to determine which networks work best for you, given your preference and the popularity of your blog’s subject matter in the specific social media network. To determine the best social media networks for getting the most reads of your blog posts, analyze the sources of traffic on your blog dashboard. One website may be more useful than another one at getting you traffic. Adjust your social media strategy according to the numbers of readers you get from which source. Spend more time on networks that garner you more reads.

Post Comments on Other Blogs

Another way to get more reads of your blog posts is to follow blogs related to the content of your own site. Give preference to blogs that share a subject matter with your own as those bloggers are more likely to follow you back, given you share similar interests as shown by the subject of your blog posts.  Also, when you are more interested in the blogs you follow, you are more likely to read and comment on the blog posts.

When you comment on posts of other bloggers, those people are likely to reciprocate the reads and comments. They want to maintain your loyalty reading their own site. Generally, your reads will increase on your blog posts for each read you make on another blog.

Join Online Groups Related To the Subject Matter of Your Blog

When you join online groups, you will also get more reads back to your blog posts. Your name and blog will be noticed more when you participate in online forums and groups related to the general subject of your blog. For example, if you have a poetry blog, 21st Century Poets is a website that has groups and forums for poets to interact and share their work. Your poetry blog can be promoted on the site through a link in your profile and shared during communications with members as well.

When you share quality material on a group website, you make new connections that may be curious about your blog. When they head to your blog, the numbers of reads of your posts increase.

A combination of the above approaches is recommended to get more reads of your blog posts most effectively. Once your profiles are set up on multiple social media networks, you will find that sharing your posts becomes easier as you get to know the websites. Share your blog posts on the social media networks that garner you the most reads, form connections with bloggers of similar interests, and promote your blog through online groups as well. When the number of reads of your blog posts increase, your blog profit will follow and you will be on your way toward a more successful blog!

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Great points that I hope to ue someday when I start a blog.  Thanks!

Excellent job, Christy!! Tweeted & Recommended!!!

Great tips!

Great advices here Christy, thank you.

Useful information here!  Thanks for the suggestions...will have to try these

Great post Christy,recommended.I have found it good to share on tweeter used to on diggit and stumbleupon but not many membrers then. Have noticed increased followers lately so all good.

Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments here!

Excellent article for tips on hhow to increase blog viewers and get more subscribers, hits, and comments.