How To Start An Effective Information Blog and Earn An Income
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How To Start An Effective Information Blog and Earn An Income

Planning to set up a blog so you can earn an income? Here are some helpful tips to help you start an effective blog that will not only provide information for your visitors but will also draw advertisers to it. Advertisers like to advertise with blogs which serves as a resource for topics related to their products.

Blogging started out to be a personal web space for individuals who like to share about their thoughts and opinions on matters close to their heart. Blogging means creating a webspace out of your sheer passion for anything readable on the Internet.

Here are some tips you might find useful.

  1. Focus on a single genre or topic.Start with your passion. What topic you know so much about that you will be able to write about this topic for the many years to come? Is it baking or crafts? Is it movies or books?

    Advertisers like to advertise with blogs which serves as a resource for topics related to their products. If your blog is about baking, then you can expect companies in the baking industry to tie up with you. I signed up with Blogsvertise 3 years ago and I would usually get $7.50 to $10 for a minimum of 200-word blog post on my personal blog. I mostly discussed insomnia, clothes, accidents and the usual misfortunes that happen to a person who travels from end to end of Northern Philippines.

    Of course, since these are my usual topics, advertisers from Blogsvertise who have products related to insomnia, clothes and accidents paid me to blog about their products.

  2. Write as often as you can. Advertisers like blogs with at least 3 posts every week. They’ll love you more if you can write more often. Of course, writing regularly should not compromise the meat of your post. That’s the great part if your blog topic is something you really know and you're passionate about. You will have endless ideas on the topic and will be able to write as often as you can and thus, maintain an audience clearly interested with what you write about.
  3. Stay focused with your blog topic. And as much as possible, all your posts should own up to your central blog topic. Advertisers are very sensitive about the whole content of your blog. They have preferences and policies on certain blog content that they would like to associate their product with. A company offering baking products won’t probably be happy to ask you to blog about their product if you have posts about smoking or other vices.
  4. Sign up your new blog with Blogsvertise or any site that offers blogger-probation status.  At the start, your blog may not yet generate too many visitors so signing up with Google Adsense or joining company affiliate programs might not yet be possible.

    Google Adsense requires certain numbers of unique visitors and blog over-all number of posts to get qualified. The same goes for companies.You might want to try Blogsvertise or other sites that offers income to new bloggers. With Blogvertise, you can go on probation with a month old blog with a minimum of 10 posts and still earn at least $7 for every blog post you make for a Blogvertise advertiser.

    Blogsvertise will help you get exposed to product ad blog posts and how to work your way around to writing the best ad posts as you step up to more ways of earning through your blog. Probation status is for blog owners of less than 90-day old blogs. If your blog reach past 90 days, you will be a regular Blogsvertise blogger and can earn at least $10 per blog post for a Blogsvertise advertiser.

    You can sign up with Blogsvertise as long as your blog is not hosted by the following sites:

  • Weebly
  • Wix
  • Blogtext
  • Yolasite
  • Myspace
  • Hubpages
  • Squiddoo

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