Most Common Blogging Mistakes to Avoid
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Most Common Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

Here are 5 common mistakes made by bloggers that I thought i'd give an insight on. Enjoy!

As a beginner blogger, a lot of mistakes are often are made because you are a beginner looking for your niche, trying to create a fan base and trying to accomplish your goals fast and rapidly. If you read these 5 simple mistakes to avoid, you’ll be just fine! Let’s begin…

1) Not Trying to be committed:

If you are a beginner blogger, you need to be committed to your work at all times! You cannot expect to receive any views or comments just because you write a post. That is the smallest thing to worry about at this time. You really should be trying to find websites that’ll promote your work. Here is a little boost…



*She Told Me

That’s just to name a few websites that would help you promote your posts. Now moving right along…

2) Not giving, Only expecting:

As a beginner, you have to give before you think about receiving. You cannot just decide one random day to just start blogging or writing and expect to be receiving 1000’s of views. You have to do your homework to get where you want to be. Don’t sit around and let your goal slip away from you. Comment on people’s work to receive comments on yours, RT on Twitter to get a RT in return, share something on Facebook so you could in return get the same love you have given.

3) Not Promoting Yourself Properly:

As a beginner blogger, one huge mistake I see done daily is the comments left! You cannot write something like “Wonderful article, Check mine out at “”! That is very unprofessional and that is something that makes some writers upset.

I’ve been Blogging for almost 3 years now and I really feel some type of way when a random commenter promotes their work on my post because it took almost 3 years to get where I am. I was 16 when I first started out (receiving only 15 views monthly) but I knew back then what I wanted and I know what I still want and that is what of course keeps me motivated and going. I am 3 years in but I have a lot more writing and work to do. I receive over thousands of views in a month and it’s nice to see where hard work gets you.

4) Not Being “Original:

You cannot possibly expect to break barriers if you are copying off of what someone else has already done. You have to be yourself when you write. You cannot try to switch up a few words to someone elses post and claim it’s yours. You have to think for yourself and come up with your own helpful unique writing just how I do and so many others do. If Blogging was easy; there would be millions of bloggers living every bloggers dream.

*All you need is commitment and persistency to get your own movement started so never stop! Keep going because just how sky is the limit for me, it is for you also.

5) Not making adjustments and updating:

If you are not keeping up with your blog, what makes you assume that people will not loose interest and venture off? You have to constantly update your blog and make minor adjustments to only help you get more views. By not doing anything, you are letting your viewers slip away slowly because you are not remaining committed.

*Getting someone to READ something you’ve written is a lot harder than getting a viewer to see a picture so do not let that committed person slip away due to your slack on your blog. Write a poem or do a review on a product just to keep your site updated.

I hope you find this information useful and I thank you for reading!

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Comments (6)
Ranked #36 in Blogging

Nice ideas and tips to promote your blog.

Words to be followed.... Worthy and practicals suggestions.. Thanks for posting this..

Ranked #1 in Blogging

Excellent tips.

Ranked #41 in Blogging

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a must-read for bloggers

This is what new bloggers should read. You have stated the points that are clearly being neglected by most. Thanks!