Online Writing Tip: Topics To Write About That Can Drive Traffic To Your Site
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Online Writing Tip: Topics To Write About That Can Drive Traffic To Your Site

Writing can be both creative and lucrative. Here are a few ways you can find topics you can write about that can bring some online profits for you.

So you had finally decided to join the breed of online writers, and now you’re off to your first article writing challenge and wondering what's the best topic to write about? Ideally, you would want to write about something that you are already an expert of. For example, if you had been in the sales business, you would most likely write about marketing tips, or if you are a student, you can probably write about the daily travails of a student. If you had been a tour guide for many years now, you can expertly write about a particular travel destination or some advise related to travel.

What if you had been basically a stay at home mom for almost half of your life? There's a whole wealth of experiences you can delve into as a wife and mother, that can inspire you to write. You can focus your article writing on improving relationships, changing diapers, choosing your child's first school, the ideas are just limitless. In other words, you will never run out of ideas to write about for as long as you look back on your experiences and write from the heart.

For online writers, however, who are just entering the world of article writing, it takes more than experience to be a savvy and experienced writer, who can write articles that make money. Sometimes, you will be tasked to write about something you are totally clueless about, like Mesothelioma, which sounded like Greek to you in the first place. Often, online article writers can not choose the topics they would want to write about, if they are doing some ghostwriting for website owners. They would have to employ some marketing skills as well, to get the idea across to readers that the product that the website is endorsing is worth the readers' time and money.

However, if you are writing for your own site, or if you are submitting articles to sites that pay you to write about your own choice of topics, you would still want to maximize your efforts and write about topics that are popular and can improve your site readership. If you are a creative writer, more than a "press release" writer, you can choose to have your own blog which you can use as your creative outlet. But it also makes sense to do your article writing for some sites that can earn you some cash, even while you sleep.

Where To Find Popular Topics

When it comes to writing articles for the benefit of earning, choose topics that are frequently searched in major search engines. One way to do this is to check Google's trend topic for the day. You can also check on Yahoo's most popular searches and these would give you an idea on what to write about. Because these topics are frequently searched already, any blog or website that publishes anything related to these topics will surely be crawled by the search engines.

If your blog or website features current news or celebrity buzz, you will surely get some traffic, because people are always interested to get updates on the hottest news. One thing for sure, though, if you write on celebrity gossip, the items do not last that long, but still, the sudden influx of traffic to your site will be worth it.

Here's another way to catch traffic when writing articles - write about things related to an upcoming event, like Christmas or even Halloween. You can write for your local site and talk about happenings related to the season, or perfect gift suggestions.

It's quite common for writers to get a writer's block, where you may spend half the afternoon staring at a blank screen and have no clue at all what to write about. When that happens, just visit Google and Yahoo to check what people are reading and you can surely get an idea or two that can make your article writing flow easily.

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Great advice bloggermegan - keep it up!

i have taken a printout, ... will have to study and make my notes, to follow in the coming days. will update my progress, thanks.