Plagiarism and Our Stand Against It
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Plagiarism and Our Stand Against It

Plagiarism and Our Stand Against It

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Now probably most of us will realize that online writing could be a profitable hobby and source of income but not without its setbacks. After the recent attack on most of factoidz writer’s articles which had been plagiarized “in broad daylight” most of us may be discouraged to publish more knowing somewhere out there, someone is more clever, vigilant and vicious at stealing articles. The irony that stolen articles could be republished on most publishing sites online faster than the legitimate author could do it (who is obviously tired owing to the work done on an article just published for the first time) is the most embarrassing part of online writing. We are like organisms harboring parasites in our midst that no matter how we double our efforts to gain more gobbling on the food we eat, surreptitiously there are micro-organisms from within sucking nutrients from our disposal allowing us to do the hard work while they rejoice on the benefits.

The typical impression of online writing as a hobby where the author’s responsibility after publication temporarily ends while he/she attends to his/her primary source of income has just gone far more complicated. Aside from the tedious task of promoting the articles just published (which most writers confined to a permanent job probably don’t have time to do), the writer has to be vigilant that the same articles don’t show up elsewhere after being stolen. Then not to take for granted the responsibility of looking deeper into other writer’s accounts that we don’t end up as an accessory to the crime when we add up to follow another plagiarizer in our midst. The wakeup call upon all legitimate online writers to safeguard their articles is as critical as the responsibility that rest upon online publishing platforms to be more stringent in screening aspiring writers that no similar mischief should proliferate in the days to come or we better stop writing at all. Days and nights of painstaking effort of writing something sensible falling into a few minutes of copy pasting job is what seem to be the hostile consequence out of our aspired endeavor. Stealing something in parts could be easily taken for granted at times but stealing the whole part of it is seemingly unforgivable. Our days could be numbered where instead of being honored for writing something ‘big’ we lose our heads instead where we could be the ones suspected of doing the stealing from the plagiarizer himself/herself. The culprit has difficulty writing his/her profile in simple English but almost gone away with it until lately. What if we have another who writes better English but is just plain lazy to write it himself/herself but diligent enough in copy pasting and republishing articles to other publishing platforms? The science of cloning seemed to be years in the future until now. The literary counterpart only needs an internet connection and a devoted disciple who knows the simple art of copy pasting if that has to be considered an art at all. 

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Comments (31)

Hummm . . .

You can certainly feel your anger and passion here. Excellent write. hmmmmm, now where can I reuse this wonderful information... (just kidding) but seriously, it is a serious problem and one that seems more and more unbeatable.

Ranked #36 in Blogging

I share your concern on plagiarism.

Its really frustrating that hard earned cents from on-line writing is stolen, I share your concern on the issue Will, thank you.

I think nobody will be tolerant with it. by the way how can I know my aritlces are being stolen or not? Thank you.

I salute you Deep Blue.

Plagiarism is very common over the internet. However, I think the recent google panda alogarithm does not support plagiarism articles.

Ranked #1 in Blogging

Thanks for the reaction everyone. I suppose the nature of the internet being open to all has its complexities. If there are software capable of detecting plagiarized content we need more than that which ultimately detects and incapacitates something which was copy pasted or anything like that.

Well said. And there is only one thing worse than a thief, and that's a liar. Voted and much appreciated.

Great piece. I'm a teacher and believe it or not, I've seen my articles being used in students' work without proper acknowledgement. You'd think they'd know I'd recognise it.

hmm I wasnt even aware of recent plaguarism problems.. I think if anyone finds their own work plaguarize they need to contact the site where it is published - if it is still there after 24 hours contact factoidz

Ranked #1 in Blogging

Thanks for sharing your side in a professor's point of view Michael. Another point for consideration could be the nature of the person doing this act. Considering he/she may have difficulty writing articles in average English standard for general comprehension, he/she may have resorted to steal the articles and pass it as his/her own to boost his/her ego. Then knowing the writers from whom he/she have stolen these from will be embarrassed, considering the titles were even the same, shows he/she enjoys the act of doing this more than the combined expected earnings. We may have another type of psychological/mental disorder in our midst.

Will, that is thought provoking. A plagiarist has a number of character flaws and related motivations. My guess is that most of them do it in the first place because they believe, however falsely, that they can get away with it, and that they are above reprisal. That is an egotistical trait. Also, a plagiarist is often a simple cheater who believes in a free lunch, and often will admit that they are deserving of stealing as their entitlement for whatever stupid thing they did in their past. These are all rationalizations, but while they might not all be psychologically affected, they are at least hostile in nature, and that is tough to change. But it can be fought.

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We could only hope for the best as always Ileen. As common crimes are perennial issues in our society. Cyber crimes as such as plagiarism may thrive well in the years to come in addition, a trend that goes with our advancing technology.

That's so sad, but true.

Awww :( Its so sad when they do that. It is so hard to get infos on reliable sites then they'll just copy paste it. I have something like this Will. A friend of mine copy-pasted my article antibiotic hazards in his blog, maybe he really did like it and he did include me being the source but I think that blog is affecting my views here. I contacted him about it of course but he didn't seemed to mind.

Wawa naman ako. I am the least likable person to have an article copied coz I think my articles are just ok and I have least ones here. Still, naging biktima rin ako? Ano ba yan kabayan? Magtaray na kaya ako sa kanya, alisin ko na siya sa friend list ko? Good post.

Ranked #41 in Blogging

The person has been removed from Triond. Geny Michael, Geny, Genicuta, Genicuta-andreea. I seem to remember her telling me once on Bukisa that she was part of a team though. Anyway, stay on the lookout, and Google your articles to check.

i am glad to hear the matter was dealt with.

Thank you Will for bringing this to our attention. Unfortunately, this happens often. One thing is certain, those people won't make a fortune copying/pasting articles. It will take Great post my friend.

Chan, Anne, Icy, BC, and I have seen our work plagiarized. It is hurtful. It's hard work to try and keep up with our writing and watch out for thieves.

Ranked #1 in Blogging

Very true, Judy, Phoenix. Writing and earning a few seem not enough to cover the psychological issues a writer must face when seeing his/her work plagiarized. We could only be cautious in our writing and the online community we are moving in. Thanks for leaving your reactions everyone.

plagiarism is a concern issue for the materials published online.

Voted up. Excellent article

Hopefully, the more it is exposed, the less likely it will occur. Well done on your article Blue.

Very well presented. We all share the same concerns and have been a victim of it often enough. Thanks for sharing,

I have had this done to me and a dear friend too. Thank you for bringing this to the limelight with your well chosen words of distaste. I feel it is robbery in every essence. Voted up since I have a vote for your great work.

Thanks for raising this important issue and I am sorry for being late in reading this well discussed article.

the above comment is mine, sorry I was not signed in.thanks again


Here is a good website that puts a bit more power to shut down the websites that are stealing content and publishing them illegally without copyrights.

Ranked #1 in Blogging

Thanks for the inputs, everyone. 'Will check that website, Cherie.