Tips for Teenage First Time Bloggers
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Tips for Teenage First Time Bloggers

Things to consider when starting your first blog as a younger individual.

One of the easiest sites on the web to use for publishing and reading blog content is Many high schools in America are integrating its services into course content for web design and blogging, and numerous teenagers are getting interested. Another great and easy website for blogging is is partnered with, a more advanced blog host for individuals with numerous experiences involving HTML and CSS coding. Blogger is much more prided for their advanced and customizable layout selections and free templates, compared to Wordpress, but many users appreciate Wordpress' interface and physical look.

Starting off as a first-time blogger, particularly young teenagers and adults, you should remember the single most important thing to keep in mind when sharing personal information, and that is Internet privacy. If you choose to create a lifestyle blog, be careful of what pictures you share with the world, and set your own conscious rules regarding your full name, location, and family and friend's details.

The word for your blog's focus point (often a term discussed in Biology class) is: "niche". Your niche is the activity or topic/interest that you focus your blog around and write about the most. For example, if you like and blog about snowboarding and a blogging friend asked you what your niche is, you would reply with exactly that. If you are a "lifestyle blogger", you will more than likely discuss all aspects of your life and personal beliefs--not only your love for snowboarding.

You can find numerous free templates (a package of condensed HTML--the coding term for what special words and characters create the particular physical appearance of your website) by searching keywords like "free, template, design, blogging" along with your blog host of choice (Blogger, Wordpress, etc). The host's website should include a guided tutorial of how to upload and edit your template of choice. * This does require some prior skill and knowledge of HTML, if you intend on editing the pre-designed template.

Another aspect of blogs that you may want to consider while creating your first is the comments section. Are you going to disable or enable them? Disabling comments is a choice many people prefer because disabling comments can rid blogs of spam, drama and unnecessary hatred, while the expression of the author's intent is still very clear and heard.

Once you become stronger in your writing and feel confident that you have readers clicking to your page each day, you may consider adding ads to the sidebars and in between posts to attract clicks and earn a few cents each time someone clicks an ad on your site. Google AdSense will do this (Blogger), along with many other programs available on diffferent blogging services.

Get out there, start blogging and BE HEARD!

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