Beginner's Guide To Blogging
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Beginner's Guide To Blogging

Blogging as writer's new bestfriend

Each of us is made with different purpose and only God knows exactly what we were meant to be. Not all of us can be a dancer, singer, writer, speaker, entertainer and a leader at the same time but I believe that each one of us has a given talent compensating for our weakness in other areas. It’s like that we were like melons in a big basket picked randomly to receive a special skill.

And being a writer is not just a matter of knowing how to write. You don’t have to be very intelligent to become a good writer nor be very much knowledgeable on every word in the dictionary. In order to be a good writer, what you need to know is mainly how to express your thoughts and feelings through pen and paper or through typing. Lucky for us that we are now in the period of high technology wherein we can have our online memoir made for people around the world who would like to share their knowledge, thoughts, memories and discoveries with other cultures in the World Wide Web.

Blogging as an internet web tool is now a writer’s new bestfriend because it can be customized according to the writer’s mood, can be edited without a mark of error, can be retrieved anytime and can be shared to everyone in just few clicks. Everytime your passion for writing arises or sudden thoughts came up, you can do your blogging anywhere you want even when you are in the middle of your window shopping at your favorite megamall. You can just stop by in an internet café or use your own laptop in a WIFI ready area so that you can write that special event at an instant.

If sharing and advertising is the main purpose of your blog content, then you have to know more about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in which every time web surfers use the search engine with your keyword tags, you are sure that your link will be prioritized among the thousands of websites with those keywords. If you’re not the first link to appear in the search results, it is still good enough if your link belongs in the first page because it is usually set in the reader’s mind that the first few pages of results are the best among the others. In order to achieve that goal of being in the first page is to understand that search engines have a protocol. It is a standard programmed by experts and computer engineers of certain search engine to filter unrelated sites and prioritize those which are appropriate enough. You can easily learn about it by reading the search protocol reference of your desired search engine site so that your blog will be on the top of the list.

In any field of expertise as long as you know how to put into words what you wish to convey, you can already start blogging and let it be your new best friend whom you can tell everything.

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Comments (5)

I have a blog and a newsletter and of course I write at various sites and I freelance as well

I agree, we need as many platforms to write as we can get

I agree with you Kristina. I believe that an effective writer is one who can elicit reactions from his/her audience. You did it.


Do you by any chance wrote this aticle as a sample for

Good job by the way. its smooth and easy to read.

Ranked #31 in Blogging

Yes it is my sample article :) I read yours too. Nice :)