Various Payment Models for Websites and Online Writers
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Various Payment Models for Websites and Online Writers

Internet search engines are always looking for fresh, updated, quality content on a literally infinite number of topics. This growing trend represents a genuine income earning opportunity to online writers who possess knowledge and expertise on various issues. In this article you can view a number of different payment models offered by various online publishers.

1.Google Adsense

Google Adsense is the giant of on-line advertising. The majority of personal and business websites, newsletters, blogs etc. use Adsense to monetize their on-line publishing efforts. Depending on the site you write for, you get a percentage of the generated income from visitors clicking on ads next to your content.


Amazon is a massive on-line retailer selling an unbelievable variety of merchandise. Affiliates are paid on a CPA – standing for Cost Per Action – basis, which means that they earn money only when a visitor makes a purchase through their affiliate links (as opposed to Adsense, which is based on a CPC, i.e. Cost Per Click advertising model).


The Infolinks Advertising Network is a variation of the Cost Per Click model, in the sense that adverts are shown within text (In-Text Advertising).


For those without an Adsense account, Redgage can be a good alternative to earning money as on-line bloggers. The site pays a set rate per thousand impressions and it also gives bonuses for selected content.


Knoji (formerly Factoidz) is another publishing network, focused on product and company reviews and coupon sharing, where online writers are paid directly by the website, without the need to have an Adsense account. Knoji also pays extra bonuses on top of revenue sharing income.


Hubpages is a highly popular on-line publishing and blogging platform offering user-generated information that covers more topics than you can imagine. It offers Google Adsense monetization to its writers, as well as the opportunity to join its own Hubpages Advertising Program.


Triond is another major website for avid and passionate writers and it also offers two payment options. The first is sharing advertising income without Adsense integration and the second (after you have published your first 5 articles) is integrating Adsense to your articles.


iWriter is a place where you can request content written or become a writer yourself and get paid for your content. It pays on a set per article basis and there are different compensation levels, depending on the number of your articles and related ratings by customers.

9.Constant Content

This site is similar to iWriter, with the difference that writers are not restricted by customer requests but they can also submit their content and wait for potential customers to buy it. Currently writers receive 65% of the price of a sold article and Constant Content gets the rest 35%.


Although CloudCrowd is not based on its own website and blog and it is in fact a Facebook application, it is a very popular on-line platform where writers can submit their article offers on specific requests and guidelines, and they can also complete micro-tasks for which they receive smaller payments.

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Comments (2)
Ranked #73 in Blogging

Nice share. There are several sites in your lists I haven't heard of yet. Knoji pays well compared to other sites I have tried like Triond. But, since you have sites that are new to me, maybe I can try them and see if I can earn from them as well.

Ranked #48 in Blogging

Thank you for your comment.

Knoji is certainly a place where you can earn a decent income with some effort. All the sites in the list are legitimate and I have earned money with them all.