When Articles Are Worth A Thousand Views
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When Articles Are Worth A Thousand Views

When Articles Are Worth A Thousand Views, How I gained A thousand Views for a Day

Writing for Factoidz for a year and four months I was never been that serious about earnings and gaining so many views as most members may have been after writing for this site much earlier than I am. However if I did get high earnings and exemplary number of views without reason that makes me wonder why how it happened (the way it did 4 days ago). Coincidentally last Monday also started my day when my views have gone behind the 200,000 mark so I was just all the more curious if it has anything to do with my increased views per day. My views actually totalled 2,700 and most of it came from a single article I had about the worst mid-air collisions that claimed the most lives. With that I was lured to check “mid-air collisions” through Google and I was amazed to discover that a recent “mid-air” actually happened last Saturday, the 30th of July in Alaska involving two general aviation aircraft, a Cessna 206 Stationair and a Cessna 180 Skywagon. So, my assumption was that owing to the disaster, those who may have heard of such news on TV and probably the friends and relatives of the victims in that mishap in real life (and on facebook) may have searched “mid-air” through the web and somehow that led the viewers into my article since my article's title was a bit 'catchy' in relation to that mid-flight disaster. Thinking of other possibilities made me draw some probable causes below why my views suddenly took its phenomenal climb.

1. Relation to a significant event – This case is due to an occurrence which able to command the attention of people to a particular issue and I could place the effect of the above mid-air collision into this category. This not only concerns a disaster but could be a commemoration of a significant event in history, any news beyond the ordinary that has started people to search keywords on the internet relative to the details behind an issue at a particular period of its influence to the general awareness of people subscribing to the internet, etc.

2. Views owing to reaching a particular peak mark – Have I reached the stage by which my views have gained such momentum that no matter what I do my views will be more or less at such level? Having reached 200,000 views for a year and four months is a bit nice as a sign of improvement but still it is comparatively slow compared to the  average number of writers on this site who could reach such mark in a matter of months. Could online writing be compared to a bird flying high which having reach a higher altitude it simply have to spread its wings and ride a steady current of air to get into its destination? If it is, then writing too much (with essence) may have its benefits after all.

3. A promotional scheme – could this site be playing on me giving me a boost to motivate me on publishing more by increasing my views, I wouldn’t mind at all because in a way it did lift my spirit a bit to think that there’s something more to hope in writing. Basically, not on monetary considerations but in imparting a mild feeling of fulfilment in doing something worthwhile. Recalling my past experience in publishing with other sites before like Triond, I haven’t been in the hot content list that I could recall which has been the driving motivation making writing for that site a bit sensational (especially for the usual names who always get to be on that list everyday).

4. The SEO keyword effect – The possibility that I may have written the appropriate keywords and group of words on my articles and their concerted effect may have strike a chord that produced a unique sound (metaphorically) that kindled the interest of a thousand viewers to 'hear out' and click on my article isn't at all unlikely. But believe me I'm not an SEO adept who could manipulate this skill like a hard rock songwriter who could incorporate subliminal messages on a song's lyrics to move fans into buying a copy of the album and listen to the music all over again.

5. A miracle in writing – Well, life isn't that hopeless after all. Should you believe in miracles or not, anything unlikely are bound to happen and what if a single event was made in your favor like winning something against all odds you haven't really anticipated? J. K. Rowling may never have known a single magic trick at her disposal in her life but the magic of Harry Potter have gone a long way to have kept all of us in its spell. Tell me if any magician in history could match Jessica's earnings out of the only magic trick that she knew, writing.

So right here and now, a thousand views a day is just up for everyone to take into consideration how it could be replicated. As for the magic trick which all of us unconsciously knew I'm pretty sure of it and it's plain and simple. Put it in writing no matter how silly it is (if you have to do it in factoidz however, you have to follow the rules). If silly things don't have room on this planet then we just have to ask why Harry Potter is more real than Daniel Radcliffe or depends upon how you think of it.

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Comments (17)

Very informative post.thanks deep blue for sharing

I wonder how much you earned that day because of the phenomenal views your article got. I experienced similar peaks but not as high as yours.

Congratulations on those spectacular views and excellent tips to help the rest of us!

Ranked #36 in Blogging

Thanks for sharing your experience about a significant jump in an article views with a nice analytical approach.

Ranked #1 in Blogging

Thanks for the reactions, everyone. Unfortunately I haven't checked about my earnings that day, Patrick. The article in consideration however gained some 0.50 earnings only this month.

Your article is so very interesting and enlightening. Thanks for sharing this valuable information. Voted up!

You have amazing statistics.. And I agree with all your points here. It is really about relevance..

My top earning article is on Cheap and Easy Pets. All others fail to come close. I do have some with a thousand views total, but not many!

Ranked #54 in Blogging

I am one of those writers who write mostly for sharing or enjoying. So SEO is not an important issue most of the times, but yes writing about the hot topics can bring a high number of visitor to your article as I wrote about Prince William's wedding and the response and number of visitors was good. (Not as good as your one)

One poem on ac gave me over 1,000 views, just because I put vacation in the title. Lately I've been receiving more views on articles about Mental Health, or Childcare.

Excellent presentation Will and congratulation.

You have a great way of writing so I am not surprised at the large number of views on any of your well written articles. So happy for the great hits, well deserved.

You are doing great! Keep it up :)

100% perfect work. Thanks for sharing this.

thanks for the tips, dear. million dollar tip, really.

Wow, kabayan congrats. I remembered a poem I wrote for Triond, two years ago. Nakadaya rin ako :D They were looking for Taylor Swift's song lyrics 'You belong with me'.... some of them typed 'you belong to me' and ended at my page. A good share here, Will.

So far only 5 of my articles have made over 1,000 views... I think it's an important milestone because when they do, they seem to sneak right up to the front page of Google where you can finally murder the competition... never had that many views in a day though... Well Done You!