Why a Blog Could Benefit Your Business
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Why a Blog Could Benefit Your Business

A lot of people will follow a blog, and not even realize they're doing it. They say "Huh, what's that?" when you mention it, but guaranteed, if you looked at the websites they frequented, blogs would be everywhere, fitting in seamlessly. They're truly everywhere, being used in all kinds of creative ways, and there are several reasons why having one for your business could be beneficial.

  • Gets your company's name out there. If you own a business, or are even an employee with something to say, chances are there are others in your industry who would love to hear about it. They may even have blogs themselves. The blogosphere is a community that seeks to include, full of people ready to help you, and give you their knowledge and information. By imparting the wisdom you have gained in your particular field in a manner that is personable, you are spreading the knowledge that your company is out there, you exist and you're ready to do business. Even more so, you know how to do things properly, and you prove that by providing valuable insights in your blog.
  • It gives your company a face. On the internet, things can ring very false. You might not trust someone you met over the internet, just because their website is professional, impersonal, cold and fact-driven. However, blogs counteract that by acting as the human face to your business online. In blogs, you can be warm, personal and human. People are drawn to this, whether they are affiliates, potential clients or simply interested in your topic.
  • It helps with rankings when people are searching for what you provide. By regularly updating the blog on your site, you will come up higher on the list among your competitors when people look for you online. Google, for instance, will recognize that your site is updated with new information three times a week (the estimated number of times you might post) and determine that your site is worthy of placing higher in rankings than a competitor's site who does not publish a blog.

Now, hopefully I have piqued your interest into how blogging can work for you. If you're curious about whether it is a complicated process (it isn't) or not, then please check out one of my other articles; Build a blog in 5 steps.

Now, I'll save the best for last; the most important aspect of blogging is to enjoy what you're talking about. Be enthusiastic, and you're sure to draw in an audience, and learn plenty yourself.

Happy blogging!

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