Why Blog? The Advantages Of Online Blogging.
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Why Blog? The Advantages Of Online Blogging.

Blogs were virtually unheard of a few years ago. Today, however, almost every person and group in the online community has a blog! Why is this so?

Blogs have existed for quite some years already but never before have they been so popular as how they are today. Basically, a blog, short for Web log, is an online journal where the blogger posts commentaries regarding a specific topic. This is updated regularly, usually on a daily basis. However, blogs today are not just the online diaries which they were before. They can now be used for an astonishingly wide variety of purposes that it has almost become a must for anyone wanting to earn cash to start one.

1.) Blogs are awfully cheap to setup and easy to maintain.

All you have to do is write regularly and post your articles online. The great thing about this is that it tends to be more of a casual conversation and thus, needs no formalities unless you are blogging for a company. The greater emphasis is on the content rather than the grammatical structure and the format in which the article was written. Just the ability to get your point across using a mixture of a little gossip, humor or sarcasm will more likely hook your readers on.

2.) Blogs let you write on about virtually anything!

You can talk of God, politics, social issues, sports, education, economic concerns, and so much more. Of course, most of the blogs are about the blogger’s personal encounters. His posts are then about his daily experiences, thoughts, and frustrations.

Writing on a single topic for some time is not a bad thing though. If you decide to write regularly on a particular topic, you immediately establish your blog as an authority on that topic and trust would follow after. And what follows after trust? Referrals.

3.) Blogs let you take full control.

A blog is also, somehow a masterpiece of the blogger in the sense that it can reflect the blogger’s personality. You are the master designer of your blog. The theme, style, and layout are definitely up to you. Aside from the fact that designing is fun, it is also extremely easy since templates are provided and only minimal editing would be needed. You can even change the way your blog looks like in minutes and as often as you please. The content of your posts also give readers a clue to your writing style and paves way for a deeper bond with you.

4.) Blogging is a great internet marketing strategy.

With a blog, you can offer your expertise on a specific service or sell a product. By doing so, you get to capture your visitors’ attention. By promoting your business on the blog and with the countless number of individuals logging on the net everyday, blogging has become a wise and lucrative move. The blog will provide links to your blog where visitors can get additional information and details. They are presented with a prospect of buying a service or product.

5.) Blogs promote interaction.

Another great thing about blogging is that visitors and readers could be allowed to leave comments. Allowing comments indicates a desire for an open environment where the blogger can interact with clients, critics, and potential customers. By having you reply to their comments, they will know that you do exist and are a real individual. Thus, they would feel a lot at ease with working with someone they know. This is especially advantageous for business blogs. Visitors are far more likely to give favorable feedback if they know someone specific is listening on the other side. The power of these feedback loops can produce big benefits.

6.) Blogs are extremely SEO-friendly!

Search engines love content and text, which are basically what blogs are all about. Hence, if your blog is updated regularly, you capture the attention of search engine spiders that are always on the lookout for fresh content for indexing. The more indexed your blog is, the more search engines can tune to it in search queries. Eventually, blogs would point to your site and direct more traffic (readers) towards it. There are also search engines and tracking services which displays an ongoing list of the blogs which have been updated and your site will more likely be one of the first to be displayed in a list of search results. Thus, you get more exposure.

And there you have it! There are still a lot of reasons why you should blog but these are probably enough to justify its importance. It is essential to understand however, that blogging is not simply writing articles and posting them online. Your articles must contain apt keywords for the search engine spiders to find them. Also, your content should always be interesting and up-to-date, to give your visitors a reason to come back.

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